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The Newest + Most Innovative Supplements

Sound Supplements carries some of the newest and most innovative supplements on the market. You will not find the companies we partner with at the traditional big box supplement retailers. From mild to wild, Sound Supplements carries real products that are designed to add value to your training. The time you spend working out should be complemented by products that help you recover better, hydrate more effectively, lose more weight, and refuel your body. Sound Supplements is the only local retailer that can provide you with everything you need.

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Meal Prep

Take the Stress Out of Preparing Healthy Meals

Sound Supplements is the only local retailer offering healthy and delicious meal prep alternatives. We have a rotating monthly menu available from our partners at Clean Eatz and H.I.P. Meals. Let us take the stress out of preparing breakfast, lunch, or dinner for the week. Be the envy of the office as you chow down on a delicious and perfectly portioned meal while your coworkers reheat leftovers or order take out. Sound Supplements allows you to buy one meal at a time or to buy in bulk to save some money.


Delicious, Healthy Snack Alternatives

Why are all the snacks in the vending machine at work stale and boring? Why don’t they offer the supplements, snacks, and drinks you are looking for at your gym? We asked ourselves these same questions! Instead of waiting around… We decided to answer our questions on our own. Sound Supplements is looking for partners interested in supplying their customers or employees with delicious healthy snack alternatives and new exciting beverages. We are looking to partner with businesses that have some open space to offer their customers and employees something beyond candy bars, chips, and soda.

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Great Products + Informed Service

We grew frustrated with the big box retailers selling underdosed “supplements”, chain supplement stores carrying primarily private label products, and both places employing staff without real knowledge about the products they sell. We decided to create Sound Supplements to supply customers with the great products and informed service they have been searching for. We take pride in being the only locally owned independent supplement shop in the area. Sound Supplements is focused on providing the highest quality vitamins, dietary supplementation, and healthy snack options for your everyday use.


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