About Sound Supplements

We grew frustrated with the big box retailers selling underdosed “supplements”, chain supplement stores carrying primarily private label products, and both places employing staff without real knowledge about the products they sell.

We decided to create Sound Supplements to supply customers with the great products and informed service they have been searching for. We take pride in being the only locally owned independent supplement shop in the area. Sound Supplements is focused on providing the highest quality vitamins, dietary supplementation, and healthy snack options for your everyday use.

Sound Supplements is owned, operated, and staffed by athletes with years of experience and knowledge of training. We will guide you to the best possible product for whatever your needs may be.

The products we offer are crafted by some of the industry’s most highly regarded and cutting-edge manufacturers. You will not find our unique products at any other local retailer.

To keep our knowledge base ever growing and to provide the best possible customer support, Sound Supplements works with mentors with decades of experience. If we do not know the answer to your question, we will always ask another expert. At Sound Supplements you can count on us having our customers best interest in mind.

Knowledgeable, friendly team

Locally owned and operated

Staffed by experienced athletes

Products for your unique needs