A Different Solution

Why are all the snacks in the vending machine at work stale and boring? Why don’t they offer the supplements, snacks, and drinks you are looking for at your gym?

We asked ourselves these same questions! Instead of waiting around… We decided to answer our questions on our own.

Sound Supplements is looking for partners interested in supplying their customers or employees with delicious healthy snack alternatives and new exciting beverages. We are looking to partner with businesses that have some open space to offer their customers and employees something beyond candy bars, chips, and soda.

Our vending machines are stocked with new and innovative products from industry leading manufacturers. Protein enriched snacks, candy replacements, protein beverages, and sports hydration/energy drinks are just some of the options that your customers and employees are looking for.

When you become our partner, we meet to discuss your specific needs and requirements. As with any good partnership Sound Supplements shares the profits with you. All you need to do is supply us with some space for our vending machine and we do the rest of the work.

We are looking for partners in the following areas

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