Our Products

Sound Supplements carries some of the newest and most innovative supplements on the market. You will not find the companies we partner with at the traditional big box supplement retailers.

From mild to wild, Sound Supplements carries real products that are designed to add value to your training. The time you spend working out should be complemented by products that help you recover better, hydrate more effectively, lose more weight, and refuel your body. Sound Supplements is the only local retailer that can provide you with everything you need.


Featuring the highest quality vitamins and dietary supplements on the market, Sound Supplements aim is to enhance your body so you can enhance your life. Our products are fully dosed and designed for optimal positive effect. We partner with industry leading manufacturers to bring you the latest and greatest supplements on the market. The difference in quality offerings in comparison to the big box chain stores is like comparing night and day.

Featured Brands:

  • Axe & Sledge
  • Rule 1
  • Insane Labz
  • Iron Forged
  • Polokus
  • LifeExtension


Enhance your body with delicious thirst quenching beverages. Whether you need something for recovery, energy, focus, or hydration we have a drink with your name on it. The convenience of having a ready to drink option available after a hard workout or a long day of work cant be beat. Crack open some vitamins you’ll enjoy drinking or a beverage that is so much more than “just energy” and see what all of the talk is about. Get more from your drink.

Featured Brands:


Who said healthy snacks had to be boring and flavorless? Not us! From guilt free brownies to delicious protein tortilla chips, Sound Supplements has a snack you will love. Eating a healthy diet doesn’t mean you need to give up the things you love. You love gummy candy… we’ve got that. You love decadent chocolate brownies… yeah we’ve got that too! The brands we carry make some of the most delicious healthier alternatives to your favorite snacks.

Featured Brands:

  • Eat Me Guilt Free
  • Legendary Foods
  • Anabar|The Protein Bar 
  • Outright Bars
  • Quest